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Out of curiosity, could you take a moment to reblog this if you believe that demisexuality exists? I’m demisexual, and I feel like demisexuality goes really under the radar, even within the asexual community umbrella. A lot of people don’t believe that it exists, and even within the ace community, demisexuality is still questioned as being legitimate, although we share the same flag. So reblog this is if you believe it exists. image

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“Hi I’m Tyler, nice to meet you!”
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Faith in humanity restored! Never judge a book by its cover! 

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you know what really scares me? Actual canon blaine is turning out to be EXACTLY like the blaine from “Of Bear Cubs Meerkats and Hobbits”


Only in that fic Kurt had support from a lot of people and it was written by a capable, intelligent and sensible author.

I’m honestly terrified of what this show might do next.

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You do not look at the love of your life like that, you look at your enemy like this, you look at someone like that if you wish them HARM and FAILURE.

Klaine is so fucking toxic, the amount of jealousy, envy, mistrust and rage Blaine have against Kurt every episode makes me scared for their future. Blaine would not shock me if he tries to hit Kurt one day, the look in his eyes makes me think he hates Kurt, this makes me so uncomfortable, this is some gross ass domestic abuse and it is NOT cute or funny!

As someone said, Blaine is the new Terri Schuester.

Blaine has always been Terri.

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Blaine came at Kurt hard in combat class and now he’s talking about how it’s a contest between them and he doesn’t like that Kurt is strong and doesn’t need Blaine to protect him.

They’re trying to make this sweet but I am super grossed out by the fact that apparently Blaine likes it best when Kurt isn’t strong.

There’s insecurity and then there’s Blaine.

lol to klainers mad at Kurt


Yes, ignore that Blaine is pissed because for once he’s not at the spotlight. Ignore that he tried to make Kurt fat just because he can’t handle see him in good shape.

But don’t care, your precious little cupcake will became the center of the universe again pretty soon when that crazy lady make him a popstar. But maybe Kurt won’t be at his side to applaude.

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