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Please be careful with me. Sometimes I just get sad and I don’t know why. I’m sorry.

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Sunken Civilization

Franck Goddio and his team of archaeologists and divers, for the past decade, have been pulling up the surprisingly well-preserved remains of the ancient Egyptian port cities Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus, which were submerged by natural disasters long ago. Giant statues of pharoahs, tablets, gold, and numerous artifacts were unearthed from the seabed off the coast, including a statue of the god Hapi, the Egyptian god of flooding (how ironic).

When reading, we don’t fall in love with the characters’ appearance. we fall in love with their words, their thoughts, and their hearts. we fall in love with their souls.

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TEEN WOLF AU: The world wasn’t ready to see the alliance between Sheriff John Stilinski and the last two alive members of the Hale family but life could be a real bitch. The darkness from the Nemeton brought back Kate Argent and as revenge again Derek, she took away what he loves more than anything.
She took Stiles Stilinski and broke him, leaving the kid almost dead in an hospital bed, fighting for his life. No, the world wasn’t ready to see the alliance between John Stilinski, Peter and Derek Hale but love could be a powerful reason to kill someone a second time, then a third. And again.

« I need someone with dirty hands to do this. I need someone broken enough to spill blood without any regret, can you do this for me Derek? »
« I will do this for Stiles. » Peter will help because well, he’s Peter. And they need someone really dirty to take a dirty and bloody revenge on that bitch.


do you have those shows that you just pretend got cancelled after a certain season/episode and any following episodes just never existed in the first place?